Registration to the fourth Trakai half–marathon has started!

Traku pusmaratonis (4)Begin the season of the great summer’s running competitions in the fourth time organized running event in Trakai on 8th of May – the registration has already started.

It is worth to register now because participants who register in advance will pay less. Therefore You will have enough time to prepare appropriately, to plan trainings and seek Your goal in the competition.

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Hello, Trakai half–marathon participants,

dekojame_dalyviamsWe are thankful for Your participation in the third Trakai half–marathon. We hope that sunny and joyful feeling of this running event will stay in Your memory for a long time!

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Odbiór pakietów startowych

numeris5 – 8 maja od godziny 15.00 do godziny 19.00 w specializowanym sklepie “Sport Point” na ulicy Smolensko-19 w Wilnie.

9 maja  od godziny 14.00 do 20.00 w Trokach na ulicy Karaimu 29.

10 maja og godziny 8.00 do 9.00 na ulicy Kairaimu 53