Startas 2019-05-09:


Tavo istorija

Registration to Trakai half–marathon has started!

prasidejo-registracijaThe registration to the fifth EUROVAISTINĖ Trakai half-marathon has started! Begin the season of the great summer’s running competitions in the traditional running event in Trakai on 14th of May.

It is worth to register now because participants who register in advance will pay less. Therefore You will have enough time to prepare appropriately, to plan trainings and seek Your goal in the competition.

Participants of Trakai half–marathon can choose from various events: half – marathon (21 097 km), 10,5 km, 5 km and 1 km. Enthusiasts of Nordic walking are welcome in 10,5 km and 5 km distances. There is a special 1 km team event for families as well.

The biggest part of the route will come along the lake with a spectacularly beautiful view of Trakai castle in the background. Participants of half–marathon event will have to overcome two circles, runners of 10,5 distance – one circle.

Let‘s meet in EUROVAISTINĖ Trakai half–marathon on 14th of May! :)