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Thank you

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Your participant’s certificate and photos

Dear participants of the “General Financing Trakai half-marathon”,

We hope that you still with pleasure remember that 12th of May spent in Trakai.

We have already prepared the participants’ diplomas – from now on you can print them out in our website. We can also send you photographs where photographers captured you running on the track.

Let it be another great reminder of this fun event and a stimulus to come back to Trakai in 2014, to achieve even better result, to allure your friends and colleagues, to smile even more in pictures.

See you on the other running competitions!


We announce preliminary running’s results

Official running’s results will be announced on the 19th of May. If you have any questions regarding the results, please write an e-mail to

On the 19th of May you will be able not only to print out your „General Financing Trakai half-marathon“ certificate, but also to order your photos.

 RESULT (preliminary)