Trakai half-marathon participant’s medal

Traku medalisRegister today and on the 12th of May you this unique, specially for this event made participant’s medal will be given to you at the finish.

Merry Christmas!

„General Financin Trakai half marathon 2013“ – it is time to start preparing

On the 12th of May, 2013 a half marathon will take place in Trakai – “General Financing Trakai half marathon”. Organizers of the event offer for participants a route of 4 circles at the Trakai centre, 21 097,5 m in total. This running competition is coming from Druskininkai, where the first 15km running took place in 2007, after that two years in a row runners have competed in 10km running and in 2010 – 2012 half-marathons (21,097 km) took place there. In 2013 the event is moving from Druskininkai to Trakai.

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