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„General Financin Trakai half marathon 2013“ – it is time to start preparing

On the 12th of May, 2013 a half marathon will take place in Trakai – “General Financing Trakai half marathon”. Organizers of the event offer for participants a route of 4 circles at the Trakai centre, 21 097,5 m in total. This running competition is coming from Druskininkai, where the first 15km running took place in 2007, after that two years in a row runners have competed in 10km running and in 2010 – 2012 half-marathons (21,097 km) took place there. In 2013 the event is moving from Druskininkai to Trakai.

Shorter distances will also be available in Trakai: if you are not sure of your sports shape it is possible to run 2 circles (10,5 km) or 1 circle (5 km), while the youngest participants of the event can test their strength in a 1 km distance. A 1 km running with pushchairs is also included in the program.

A running route will stretch at the Trakai centre. With city leaders kindly supporting the idea of this running, on Sunday Trakai will be given to the runners. A route will go through Trakų, Karaimų, Vytauto, Sodų streets and by the coasts of Luka and Galvė lakes.

According to the event organizer Evaldas Martinka, running in our country is fastly gaining popularity. Now it is not surprising anymore that running attracts few hundred participants in one event, and when participants of all the distances are calculated, total number tops one thousand, two, or even three thousand. “We believe that May is a very good time to invite professional athletes as well as an ever growing group of running amateurs to a half-marathon race. After the winter, even those who do less exercise will have time to prepare for perhaps the first challenge in the distance. On the other hand, a person who sees Trakai half-marathon as a target and practices seriously for it, I hope, over the winter will also collect kilometers so that on a day of the event would be in a good running shape. We see how willingly teams of various companies and organizations participate in such events and how supportive their colleagues are, so we hope and encourage everyone to spend the 12th of May in Trakai. Our main sponsors- General Financing, can be an excellent example: a lot of the company’s employees are running in their free time, while business leaders support the sporty spirit of the team”, – says E. Martinka. By the way, the sportiest team (having the biggest number of runners), will be awarded by Trakai Municipality with a special cup. Teams will be able to delegate not only individual runners – in Trakai half marathon relay event will be held as well.

By the way, we invite all participants to come to Tarkai earlier – on the eve of the event, as a “Kibin party” will take place, where you will be able to interact with your colleagues, friends and in a lovely music’s background remember the best moments of previous running.

In order to avoid any doubts on the accuracy of time recording, all participants will receive time fixation chips, the route is already certified. Participants, who will finish the distance in the provided time, will be awarded with commemorative medals and a half marathon’s runners will get PUMA running t-shirts. “We want and hope that everyone will like the event, it will be a great festival for town and runners from our country as well as foreign ones will include Trakai half-marathon in their subsequent year plans” – said the organizers.

Although it is still more than half a year left till this event, participants of the “General Financing Trakai half marathon” can already register (and are already registering..) to the event as the first ones to submit the applications will pay the lowest starting fee. And those who know that they are already participating, even when weather cools down, will for sure find time for running…