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Trakai half-marathon will take place on 22 th of August, 2020.

 Trakai – a small Lithuanian city who had played a major role in our nation‘s history.

A miniature wooden town is encircled by several lakes. Moreover, historical capital of ancient Lithuania fascinates with its wooden architecture, medieval castles, and magnificent scenery and at the same time – a modern face of the town.

Trakai cannot be imagined without the residencies of Lithuanian Grand Dukes living earlier in the Island and Peninsula Castles, karaites ethnography as well as sacred exhibitions. The pride of Lithuania, Trakai is the only in all Eastern Europe, situated in the island. It is assumed that construction of the Island Castle was begun in the second part of the 14th century in one of the largest island of Lake Galvė. Construction of the castle was initiated by Grand Duke Kęstutis at the end of the XIVth century, and was completed in early XVth century by his son – Lithuanian Grand Duke Vytautas. At the end of the 14th-15th century Trakai castle was a summer residence of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania.

Expanded on the threshold of the battle of Žalgiris (Grunwald) the castle was innovative, with 15 canons on the corner towers of the forecastle. After the Battle of Grunwald (1410) the castle lost its defense significance and gained the function of princely residence. Grand Duke Vytautas died in the castle on October 27, 1430 while still waiting for a royal crown and after his death the castle began to fall into decay. Today, the Castle houses various expositions, exhibitions take place there, concerts, festivals and feasts are organized.


Start and finish of a half marathon will take place at the city centre – at the crossroad of Karaimai and Trakai streets. Route will go further through Trakai city and stretches along the coasts of Totoriškiai, Luka and Galvė lakes, where every step is filled with Lithuanian history. Those wishing to finish half marathon will need to run 2 circles of 10,5 km. These circles for sure will not be boring as you will admire wonderful Trakai castle and other miraculous architectural monuments during the running. Freshness provided by lakes will also be felt in every step.

Events and time

10.00 – 21,097 km (half-marathon), relay (2×10,5 km);
10.00 – 10,5 km running;
12.30 – 1 km team running with pushchairs;
12.45 – 1 km running;
13.00 – 5 km running.

Participants‘ age

Only people who are not younger than 18 years old can participate in a half marathon, in 1 km running not older than 12 years old can participate. In 5 km and 10,5 km running age is not limited. In 1 km team running with pushchairs any family or any couple can participate just having in mind that at least one of the team members have to finish all route in a pushchair. Only children who were born in 2018 and later can be a participant in a pushchair.

Online registration

All participants may register on the internet at ,  till the 21th of August, 2020, 24.00h.

Issuance of numbers and registration

Information will be announced soon.

Nowadays Trakai can be proclaimed being one of the most visited spots on the cultural tourism map. Each year the Trakai region attracts approximately two million tourists. The medieval character of Trakai is used by numerous knights’ clubs that regularly organize their tournaments. The staging of ancient battles adds more effect to the Trakai castle.

For visitors and tourists alike Trakai always proves to be an unexpected wonder. One can find wildlife reserves, landscapes, ornithological and other sanctuaries. Trakai is surrounded by 5 lakes: Galve, Skaistis,  Luka, Totorishkiu and Akmena. Trakai is an exclusively unique city. As Venice or Saint-Petersburg it was built on the water. The Trakai historical national park, which covers over 8,000 ha, preserves the regions uniqueness and its nature. It is the only one of this type in Europe.

Nowadays, as in the olden days, Trakai and its surrounding areas is the home for the most eminent artists, scholars and politicians. Lithuanian culture is represented by the children of the Trakai Art School and in particular young artists, as well as one of the best children’s fanfare orchestras in Europe.

Each year crowds of fans from all over the world are attracted to the music festival “We Greet Trakai” (Lith. „Mes sveikinam Trakus“) with performances by the best musicians from Lithuania and the world.  At Užutrakis Manor on the shore of Galvė Lake in the quiet natural setting it is possible to listen to classical music during the “Užutrakis Evening” (Lith. „Užutrakio vakarai“) concerts. Performances staged in the natural historical setting of the courtyard of the island castle create a breathtaking effect.

Galvė Lake is known by rowers from all around the world.  The World Students’ Regatta and the huge festival of the world “senior” rowers are organised on the lake.

The heritage of Trakai cuisine is also very unique. Most visitors want to experience the taste of a traditional Karaite dish “kybyn” (Lith. kibinas) and other dishes made by different nations residing in the area.

This is what Trakai is unique for and well-known for like a resort area.