Startas 2020-08-22:


Tavo istorija

„EUROVAISTINĖ Trakai half-marathon“ invites all to take a part for the sixth time

nr (7)Running lovers will start season of the massive events for the sixth time in Trakai. „EUROVAISTINĖ Trakai half-marathon“ will take place on 13th of May in the old capital of Lithuania. Different age and physical capacity athletes will be able to choose between different distances – the classic half-marathon (21 047 m), the 10,5 km or 5 km run. Young runners will be able to compete in 1 km distance. To compete in the same 1 km distance will be invited and families with little children.

Foreigners half-marathon of Trakai route commend for it unique views: no one other run in the world cannot to offer such exclusive opportunity to see castle of Trakai and enjoy beautiful landscape of lake of Galvė during all the time of running.

Lithuanian runners, whose squad has almost doubled for the 6 years of participation in this event, see these competitions as a kind of starting point at the beginning of the season: it is possible here to achieve good personal results, high level competitioners help to fight up until the last distance meters and unparalleled atmosphere of the event gives for all participants and viewers first big running festival of the year.

Less then 100 days left until the half-marathon of Trakai. It is enough time to prepare for the first important start of the year.

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