Startas 2019-05-09:



 Trakai half marathon‘s awards


a. 1 – 3 place winners (men and women) will be awarded with Trakai half-marathon cups and prize bounty (which will be announced and proceed later to winners bank account).

1 – 300 Š€

2 – 200 €

3 – 100 €

b. The winners of the age groups (F40 – F70 and M40 –M70) will be awarded with remembrances.

c. All the participants who will finish the distance within the time limits will receive commemorative medals

10,5 km and 5 km running awards:

Information is under preparation.

1 km running awards:

 All the participant who will finish the distance will receive commemorative souvenirs.

1 km team running with pushchairs awards:

All the participants will receive commemorative souvenirs. The winners of this event will not be announced.